Our values


We develop on the basis that Quality is our core value throughout all operations of the business. ARDCO has been constantly manufacturing, testing and introducing high-value products together with wisest solutions for our partners to add value and increase productivity.

Transparency , Innovation, Trustworthiness and Quality.

With enthusiasm and passion combined with advanced knowledge, we are constantly innovating, manufacturing, researching and testing to offer new solutions to optimize the treatment and nutrition. If innovation is the motive that has strongly pushed ARDCO forward, trustworthiness is a guideline that keeps us moving in the right way.

Our main objective is to consolidate the trust that customers have given us by commitment of highest quality standard of products & services.


  • Customer Focus 100%
  • Community Development 100%
  • High Level Accountability 100%
  • Innovative Solutions 100%
  • Professionalism 100%
  • Passion For Excellence 100%
  • Commitment To Integrity & Trustworthiness 100%

Our Products

  • Agriculture Products

    Insecticides,acaricide,nematicide,fungicides,herbicide and rodenticide.
  • Public Health Products

    Fly bait and another products.

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    About Us

    Who we are ?

    ARDCO is the land that gives more than takes.. give as much as competency, hardworking, and commitment

    ARDCO is a company manufacturing veterinary medicines and agricultural products established in 2003 at Al Hasan Industrial Estate, Irbid-Jordan. The company is the producer of veterinary medicine, disinfectant, public health pesticides, and ectoparasitcide brands to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

    ARDCO includes specialized scientific professional veterans, agricultural engineers, chemists, lab technicians and marketers, as well as skilled workers and visionary management to reach best results.

    We produce, develop and market a wide set of veterinary medicine, disinfectant, public health pesticides, and ectoparasitcide products registered at the local market and most Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Yemen, etc.

    Our environment friendly products are recognized with high quality as they subject to strict observation and laboratory test measures and comply with good manufacturing practices.

    ARDCO flourishes with your trust and blossoms with warm contact.

  • -Mission & Vision

    Mission : To become a leading veterinary pharmaceutical and agrochemicals industrial company by providing need based solutions, formulations and top quality products that exceed our customers needs and expectations. While maintaining high standards of quality, professionalism and practicing core value.

    Vision: The health of animals, people and the plant are linked. the world needs a holistic approach to health, that understands that, by protecting the health of animals and our environment, we protect our own health and future.

    -Quality Control Department (Q.C)

    The major task of this department is to control the quality of final products. In addition, this department monitors quality of input raw materials and packaging, and observes the production process throughout the manufacturing process in order to ensure compliance with technical standards and specifications as required by the international codes as well as GLP of good laboratory practice.

    This department is staffed by a team of professionally qualified chemical engineers, chemists, and lab technicians. Professional development and training opportunities are provided constantly.

  • -Quality Assurance Department (Q.A)

    Quality has three key concepts: quality design-quality product and quality performance.

    ARDCO for Veterinary Medicine and Disinfectant Manufacturing Company has created its QA Department to ensure all departments involved in the production process are committed and compliant with our strategic mission of producing preparations with fine quality that comply with domestic and international specifications. The QA Department ensures strict compliance with ISO and good manufacturing practices at the various departments to achieve the concept of total quality.

    -Registration Department

    The Registration Department at ARDCO for Veterinary Medicine and Disinfectant Manufacturing Company was created to ensure that manufactured drugs are properly registered according to the local and international codes of good practices.

    The department is managed by professionally qualified staff of vets and agricultural engineers who have established experience in the field and works in cooperation with the Department of Laboratories to prepare the documentation required for products.

    The Registration Department has the following sections:

    -Registration Section of foreign veterinary medicinal and ectoparasiticide products

    -Registration of Feed Additives Section

    -Registration of Public Health Pesticides and Agronomic Pesticides Section

    -Fertilizers Registration Section

  • -Production Department

    The production process is an integrated system that responds to customer needs in form of finished products that assures high level of customer satisfaction.

    To that end, our factory is staffed by qualified engineers and technicians who supervise the production phases, and keep production lines, equipment and technologies up to date so as to reach highest production rates both internally and externally. Our production department is recognized by high speed, high accuracy and high quality.

    Occupational Safety is a major concern at the Production Department, so that employees are provided with on-job training programs to education them on safety measures to ensure entire safety of workers and products.

    -Research & Development (R.D)

    To produce competitive products ,ARDCO for Veterinary Medicine and Disinfectant Manufacturing Company takes the R&D Department in sharp focus.

    The R&D Department is always working on innovative or improved preparations with specifications that comply with global requirements and codes of veterinary medicines.

    The R&D Department conducts research studies to ensure effectiveness of the products on the long run, and aiming at finding solutions to potential problems once they are on shelf in the local and world markets.

  • Careers

    Be a part of our motivated teams

    If you are interested in working with us, please submit your updated resume to careers@ardco-vet.com  and we will contact you once a suitable role becomes available.

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    Irbid-Alramtha-Al Hasan Industrial Estate-Samar Street-ARDCO +96227395330 info@ardco-vet.com


    ARDCO Head Quarter (HQ)

    Amman-Al-Sharif Abdul Hamid Sharaf St.-Near Al Rajihi Bank-Building 65-3rd Floor. +96227395330 info@ardco-vet.com